Multi-purpose AV 23 SETTER SD flow measuring and setting valve from TACOTHERM LTD is ideal for controlling water & glycol flow rates in Heat Pump applications. Typical systems include ground source heat pumps and air to water heat pumps where an accurate flow rate will optimise the heat pumps COP (coefficient of performance).

The valve provides flow regulation, isolation facility and easy to read flow measurement via the sight glass and a user-friendly setting scale, Designed for domestic, commercial and public sector applications, the AV 23 SETTER valve allows accurate and fast balancing without diagrams, tables or the need for costly measuring devices.

Systems which are correctly balanced and air-free guarantee optimal energy extraction and are therefore more cost effective. TACOTHERM’s AV23 SETTER range is designed specifically for ‘ease of use’ and ensures that that the energy savings gained through using heat pumps are not compromised by system inefficiency.

The AV23 SETTER is also user friendly. Engineers can set the appropriate flow rate using the unique flow measurement device, avoiding investments in training and costly measuring devices. The valve also has a setting scale and allows direct reading of the adjusted flow rate at the sight glass. These features result in an accurate measurement of the optimal flow range.

The valve’s flow measurement is based on the principle of a baffle float with return spring, where the measurement is read on the bottom line of the float. Meanwhile, the measuring device is placed in a bypass, isolated from the system flow. Through demand, the bypass is opened and closed through pressing and releasing the valve handle. However, an advantage of TACOTHERM’s AV23 SETTER is that reading the flow has no influence on the main flow rate, eliminating the need for an additional shut-off device.

Other advantages of the TACOTHERM AV23 SETTER valve includes its flexibility and ease of installation since it can be fitted horizontally, vertically or in an inclined position cutting installation time. Further time savings can also be made since it is possible to replace the bypass unit without emptying the system.

Valve specialist, Tacotherm Ltd has launched the IP44 protected RA57 TOPDRIVE actuator range as a versatile, robust and easy to install solution ideally suited for underfloor heating systems.

The RA57 TOPDRIVE series features a variety of electro-thermal actuators designed to fit the vast majority of heating circuit manifolds and radiator valve bodies used in domestic, commercial and public sector underfloor heating applications.

The RA57 features fully encapsulated electrical and electronic components that ensures full actuator protection in the event of leaking valves. It also offers the possibility of an ‘upside down’ assembly (actuator facing downwards)

The Taconova Group has designed the actuator range with ease of installation in mind. The RA57 features quick and easy bayonet connections which are audibly engaged with a click whilst the actuator’s design allows an internal visual indication of the valve position as standard. This helps serve as a functional and useful control feature during installation, commissioning and monitoring and brings installation time and cost savings for engineers. These new RA57 TOPDRIVE actuators come in an especially compact design to further ease installation issues.

The RA57 is designed to work in a normally closed (NC) mode. In operation an electrical resistance heats an expansion element within the actuator. Any deviation from the nominal room temperature value causes the RA 57 TOPDRIVE to transmit an appropriate stroke movement to the valve. The thermostat and actuator operate according to the ON / OFF principle with variable rhythmic opening and closing producing an almost continuous control characteristic depending on the heat demand. The actuators can be easily integrated with the Taconova Group range of room thermostats and time switches for energy efficient system operation and control.


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